What You Should Know Before Getting Started

Independent Contractor Status

As a Tax Pro registered with Taxfyle, you’ll be acting in the capacity of an independent contractor. You may work when you want, where you want, and as often as you please. Given that Taxfyle qualifies as a Third-Party Settlement Organization, you‘ll receive a Form 1099-K, if the applicable thresholds are met (200 transactions and $20,000 during the course of the year), for income earned from Taxfyle opportunities. It’s your responsibility to ensure you report and pay any tax liability on income earned from Taxfyle opportunities during the calendar year.

Attempting any Prohibited Conduct Will Result in Permanent Ban

Taxfyle goes through great lengths to connect customers to Tax Pros utilizing the platform. To that end, criminal background checks are conducted for all registered providers in order for them to access the platform. To ensure Taxfyle maintains the reputation needed to become the disruptive force that will benefit its Tax Pros for years to come, we take any attempt of the prohibited conduct mentioned in this guide very seriously. Taxfyle utilizes various detection software and monitoring efforts to identify such attempts. Anyone seeking to game the system will be permanently banned from any future use of the platform and reported to the proper authorities, when applicable. This provision will only apply to a small minority. The clear majority of Tax Pros who have no intention of attempting any such action should note that the Tax Pro Success Team is always available within the help chat whenever you find yourself in a grey area.


To ensure our customers receive the utmost quality service, Taxfyle may monitor and store all communication between Tax Pros and customers. Taxfyle reserves the right to conduct random reviews of engagements to ensure clients are receiving quality service. Tax Pros found to be conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner, or providing poor quality work to the client may be removed from the platform without notice. This procedure is paramount to ensure Tax Pros always remain professional during their engagements. Monitoring and storage of such information creates a safe and transparent work environment for our customers and Tax Pros. Taxfyle also reserves the right to transfer jobs away from pros who are not responsive at our discretion. Depending on the number of days a pro is unresponsive we will issue a warning upon receiving a client complaint.

Tax Preparation Software

As an independent contractor with Taxfyle, you’re expected to maintain the necessary software and equipment needed to complete the work you accept within the platform. We encourage Tax Pros to use whichever tax preparation software they’re most comfortable with, as they will ultimately be the responsible party for completing the work.
That said, some opportunities may be exclusively available to Pros with specific software. We find that the software with highest demand for Pros are ProSystems FX, Wolters Kluwer Axcess Tax, and Thomson Reuters - UltraTax CS.

Quality of Work and Communication Matter

As a Tax Pro engaged within the Taxfyle network, you’ll be acting in your own capacity as an independent contractor and are ultimately responsible for the experience of the clients you serve. At the end of every engagement, you will be prompted to rate your clients, and your clients will be prompted to do the same for you. The feedback you and your client will be presented with is a 5-star scale, with 5 stars indicating a great job. Provided the ambiguity present when clients rate their Tax Pro, it’s important that you not only meet the requirements of their deliverable, but that you promote a perceived value in your communication with them. Most clients may not be well versed enough in their technical expertise that they can accurately rate your work, but rather they make judgments based on soft skills such as simplified explanations, adaptability, critical observation, conflict resolution, etc. You are expected to communicate with your client frequently i.e. not have more than two days of lapsed communication, even if nothing has progressed on either end. Of course, an accurate deliverable is always expected as well.
Your clients’ ratings will impact your reputation and potential for rewards within the platform. In addition to this, Tax Pros who fall below a 4-star rating any time after their first five jobs may have their access rights suspended indefinitely until further notice. It’s in your best interest to ensure Taxfyle clients want to come back to the platform as this maintains a steady flow of opportunities for the entire Taxfyle community. Should returning clients request a Pro by name, the support team will take the necessary action to connect the opportunity to the indicated Pro, should they still be active on the platform.

Join an existing Workspace

As an approved Taxfyle Pro, you'll start off in the Onboarding workspace (which you used to register as a Pro) and will automatically be given access to the Taxfyle workspace.
The Taxfyle workspace is where you'll work with individuals and small businesses to help provide tax services which primarily include tax return preparation and tax return review. Periodically, we'll add new services for our Pros to perform and update Pros ahead of time.
The Taxfyle team works diligently to deliver more opportunities to our reputable Taxfyle Pros. We have partnered with various firms across the country to outsource tax preparation and review work via customized outsourcing workspaces. Our Taxfyle Pros will be given the opportunity to work with these tax firms in the necessary capacity to provide the requested deliverables. These opportunities are contingent on software constraints and reputation. The Taxfyle Success Team will reach out to you directly to give you access to these workspaces if applicable (be sure to have a resume handy).

Download Worklayer

Worklayer is both a web-based and mobile platform. Get more done by maintaining an active connection to your Clients in the office, at home, or on the go.
To access the Worklayer platform via your desktop, visit:
Be advised that you won't have full access to the Pro Portal until you've gone through the Pro Onboarding process with our Taxfyle Support Team. If you're not registered, get started by visiting our Apply page and clicking Sign Me Up at the top right. If you need to continue with your onboarding, click Finish Onboarding.
Once registered, you'll have access to the mobile app. Download the mobile app via iOS or Android.