Getting Started

Policies and Procedures

Before you may begin accepting engagements, it’s required to review and agree to the terms set forth in Taxfyle’s Terms of Use. You’re required to agree to and abide by these Terms of Use to utilize the Taxfyle platform. This agreement may be referenced at any time within the Profile icon on the bottom left corner of the Portal dashboard. In the event we update our Terms of Use, which Taxfyle is free to do at its own and absolute discretion, you may be required to accept the modified Terms of Use before accepting any further opportunities.

Background Check

Background checks are administered for every Tax Pro wishing to utilize the Taxfyle Platform. All professionals are required to provide valid government-issued photo identification, maintain an active CPA license or Enrolled Agent designation, a PTIN that is current for the relevant filing period, and an EFIN that is under their name or that of their practice. Our procedures ensure there are no outstanding disciplinary actions against you. We verify you have passed the IRS's suitability check, which includes a credit check, tax compliance check, a criminal background check, and a check for prior non-compliance with IRS e-file requirements. Once adequate proof is obtained to verify your credentials, the management team will send you a welcome email with a link to the Pro Portal. Upon first payout of a completed job, we will deduct a one-time $50 abatement to cover the cost of the background check. Moving forward, you will be paid the full payout amount for each job completed.
Each Tax Pro is responsible for maintaining the proper amount of CPE credits needed to renew their license. Taxfyle will revoke your Pro Portal access immediately if not updated on the status of your CPA license or Enrolled Agent designation upon its anticipated expiration. Similarly, each Tax Pro must renew their PTIN for the active season if they wish to collect jobs with Taxfyle, whether tax specific or not. Although not explicitly required to join the platform, it’s recommended that each Tax Pro obtain Errors & Omissions (‘E&O’) insurance to protect against liability in the event of a dispute.

Stripe Payments

It’s mandatory that all Tax Pros engaged with Taxfyle create a Stripe account to collect their earnings for jobs completed within the platform. To create an account, please visit Stripe is Taxfyle’s third party payment solutions provider and is used to both collect online payments from customers and transmit earnings to Tax Pros. At the end of the calendar year, Stripe will provide you with your Form 1099-K, if applicable (200 transactions and $20,000 during the course of the year). To complete your Dashboards integration with Stripe, select the profile icon at the bottom left corner of the Pro Portal > click "Billing” then "Connect with Stripe."
Tax Pros are paid on a weekly basis. Therefore, you will see your fees deposited within your Stripe account on the Friday following the week after the Job is completed (one week in arrears). Please note that only completed jobs will be paid out. As discussed below within our "cancellation fees" section, if a client cancels the service, we can only pay you your portion of the amount collected.


Security is amongst Taxfyle’s top priorities. Taxfyle promotes an encrypted, safe, and transparent work environment for both our customers and Tax Pros. Communication between parties is archived upon completion of the engagement for security purposes.
We strictly prohibit the solicitation of services of any kind that are outside the scope of the Taxfyle platform. Any Tax Pro caught attempting to solicit customers is deemed to be in breach of their agreed upon Terms of Use and will have their Pro Portal access revoked. Furthermore, all communication to the customer must be via the Taxfyle chat feature and at no time is communication via other means acceptable without prior written consent from the Taxfyle Success Team (i.e. telephone, email, text, in-person, etc.). Taxfyle maintains the right to ban Tax Pros for conduct that violates our Terms of Use.
Tax Pros are expected to adhere to our Terms of Use before accepting opportunities. This includes complying with our security protocols to ensure sensitive client information stays within the confines of our database and is used for no other purpose other than tax preparation.