Intro to Taxfyle

Welcome to Taxfyle! We're glad you're here. Look around and feel free to explore our knowledge base.


Thank you for signing up with Taxfyle! We’re excited to welcome you to our network of credentialed tax professionals. The knowledge, skills, and credentials you have obtained and earned throughout your career are highly valued. Our goal is to provide you with the means to take full advantage of your professional knowledge and experience by providing a platform to more easily find and service the immense market of individuals and businesses in need of your skills.
In this Pro Orientation Guide, we discuss the essentials to familiarize you with our technology and policies, as well as highlight best practices for boosting your efficiency on the platform. We recommend you take the time to read through the various topics covered in this orientation guide to understand how to best utilize the platform, maintain a quality experience for the client, and make the most of your earning potential to ensure a successful tax season.

The Basics:

What is Taxfyle

Taxfyle is an on demand digital marketplace where customers seek tax professionals to conduct personal and business tax return preparation engagements. Customers turn to Taxfyle for the expertise, convenience, speed and efficiency our platform provides. Taxfyle allows customers the ability to easily transmit tax documents to you in return for a swift and clearly communicated tax filing experience.

Taxfyle Services

Taxfyle's primary service is to connect individuals and businesses in need of tax return preparation help to qualified tax preparers such as yourself. This is done by clients answering our tax assessment questions. Though these questions are all encompassing in determining a client's tax situation 99% of the time, you may find that additional opportunities for service will become apparent during your communication with clients. In the event these additional opportunities arise; you may reach out to the Tax Pro Success Team via the help chat and they will assess the feasibility and pricing of the additional services using our systematic pricing algorithm.
Tax Pros can always reference Taxfyle policies and procedures within this document and in our Terms of Use.


While Taxfyle is where Pros joining the platform will look to collect their first jobs, it is actually one of the many workspaces that exist within a general platform referred to as Worklayer. Those that are new to Worklayer will always begin by completing their Pro registration via the Onboarding workspace. If you are reading this, you have already begun this process.
Once registration is complete, Pros will gain access to Taxfyle where they may begin collecting opportunities from jobs submitted by Taxfyle clients. As your reputation is established within Taxfyle, you will be eligible to be invited to additional workspaces with varying project types and higher earning potential. These additional workspaces range from firm outsourcing opportunities to niche projects submitted by Worklayer's enterprise clients.

Benefits of Working with Taxfyle

Tax Pros, whether in a public or private space, may benefit with Taxfyle as they’re no longer bound by the geographic and time limitations traditionally associated with tax preparation. Simply log in to the Pro Portal to begin accepting opportunities and servicing Taxfyle customers, regardless of location, when you want, from wherever you want. Once you gain access to the Pro Portal you may find a wide range of job opportunities from which to choose.
Some of the benefits of using Taxfyle include but are not limited to:

Higher Earning Potential

Whether supplementing your regular income or incorporating Taxfyle into your daily practice, Tax Pros can earn well above national hourly average rates as Taxfyle allows you to forgo non-revenue generating activities such as marketing and allows you to focus on your core business, client service.

Career Independence

We’ve enabled Tax Pros to take their work life balance back into their own hands. You have the luxury to work when and where you want at any time. Picking up a job is completely optional, but keep in mind that behind every job is a client that expects quality service.


All communications and documents are transmitted securely through our encrypted platform. In the event of a dispute, all records of the engagement are stored to allow a safe working environment for the Tax Pro and client.

Eliminating Overhead Costs

No longer do Tax Pros stress over the overhead costs of acquiring new clients. We handle the marketing, technology, and invoicing aspects of the business so you have more time to focus on your core service, satisfying the client and earning income.

Client Access

Access to thousands of individuals and businesses looking to resolve their tax preparation needs. After customers create work requests via our platform, they’re immediately routed to the Opportunities dashboard within the Pro Portal. Relevant information for the work requests is disclosed via information lines visible to you before accepting the job. Be quick though! Jobs submitted to the pool are available to all pros with the necessary skill-sets. Jobs tend to be picked up quickly.

Exclusive Benefits

Taxfyle partners up with companies nationwide to provide you with exclusive benefits and discounts. Benefits range from professional software discounts to special retail product offers. We currently don't have any benefits in line for software discounts but will notify our Pro network in the event that this becomes available in the future.