Pro Portal - General Overview

This page summarizes the features and functionality available in the Pro Portal.

What is the Pro Portal

The Pro Portal is a web based (mobile friendly) application used to access and connect with Taxfyle customers, accept job opportunities, and manage ongoing engagements. You will gain access to thousands of on demand clients by logging in to the Pro Portal through your mobile device or desktop. You may accept, personal and business, income tax preparation engagements and see details for a job, as well as how much you will earn for completing the work. You will communicate with your clients through the Taxfyle encrypted messaging system which provides a safe and transparent working environment for both yourself and the customer. From the Pro Portal, you may track payments received and anticipated for work performed.


Once you log in to the Pro Portal, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile general information. Taxfyle promotes a personalized tax filing experience to our customers. Your name and profile pic will be displayed to your client when working on the engagement. Once you update the necessary fields in your general profile, you may begin accepting opportunities.

Once you have been granted access to the provider portal, you may enter through the shared URL. Please note that your access to the portal will be limited until your administrator assigns your Role and Skills.

Managing your Profile

You can manage your account details from the menu at the top right of the screen (three dots). Selecting “My Account” will allow you to edit the following:

- Profile Picture

- First Name

- Last Name

- Email Address

Please note that the email address within the profile management section is the email address in which you will receive notifications. Changing this email address will not change the email address that you use as your username to log into Taxfyle.

Managing Notifications

You can manage your notifications by clicking the notifications icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. From the notifications screen you can enable and disable different email notifications for the relevant workspace.

Managing your notifications from Simply click on the menu, then click on “Notifications Enabled” to disable notifications. Alternatively, if notifications are disabled, you would click on “Notifications Disabled” in order to enable notifications.

Please note that managing notifications is on a per workspace basis and only related to desktop and emails. Updating notification preferences will have no impact on iOS and Android Worklayer notifications. Those notifications can be managed directly from the mobile app.

Enabling / Disabling Sound

You can manage your sound settings from the drop down menu (three dots) at the top right corner of your screen. Simply click on the menu, then click on “Sound Enabled” to disable sounds. Alternatively, if sounds are disabled, you would click on “Sound Disabled” in order to enable sounds.

Please note that these sounds relate exclusively to desktop notifications and have no impact on iOS or Android App sounds. Those sound settings can be managed directly from the app.

Switching Workspaces

In the event you are involved in more than one workspace, you will be able to use the “Switch Workspace” option to switch between portals. This feature will be available only if you're part of multiple workspaces.

If you're a member of only one workspace, you will remain in that workspace at all times and there should be no need to change your workspace.

Logging Out

You can log out of the portal by accessing the drop down menu (three dots) at the top right corner of your screen. Simply click on the menu, then click on “Log Out”. This will log you out of Worklayer. Logging in will require that you visit the site and click “Log In”.

Accepting and Completing Opportunities

Individuals and businesses in need of tax preparation services will appear in the ‘Opportunities’ dashboard of the Pro Portal. Potential customers simply need to download the app or access the web app to request services. Customers may request new engagements at any time. Each opportunity will list out job details, such as the type of engagement, deliverables required, amount the Tax Pro will be paid for the work, and anticipated deadline.

These opportunities will be visible to multiple Tax Pros on the platform, any of which are free to accept their preferred engagements on a first come, first serve basis. Once accepted by a Tax Pro, that opportunity will be removed from the ‘Opportunities’ dashboard and no longer available for other Tax Pros.

Accepted opportunities are immediately removed from the ‘Opportunities’ dashboard and transferred to your ‘Current Jobs’ section in the ‘Job Management’ dashboard of the Pro Portal. You will then have access to your client’s information and communication channels.

Upon completion of the engagement, you will only be able to view the job history for reference within the ‘Closed Jobs’ section and will no longer be able to share documents or communicate with the client. To ensure you’re picking up the volume of jobs you desire, it’s best practice to leave the Pro Portal open on your web browser while logged in.

At times, there may be an opportunity for which additional deliverables exceeding the original scope may be required. In these instances, please identify the additional requirements and contact the Taxfyle Pro Success team within the Help chat to determine if any updates or price modifications are necessary. Attempting to seek additional compensation from the customer without input from Taxfyle is a direct breach of the Taxfyle Terms and will result in a permanent and immediate revocation of access to the platform. At times the Taxfyle Success Team will ask you to provide your own quote to the client. Do not do so unless solicited by the Taxfyle Success Team.

Tax Pro Chat

The Taxfyle in-app chat feature allows clients to directly communicate with their Tax Pro. Once an opportunity is accepted, a connection is created to allow the Tax Pro and client to begin messaging the relevant details of the engagement. The messaging system is the primary tool for communication during the engagement. The client facing messenger tool is integrated into the app and Tax Pros will only be able to access the messenger from the Pro Portal. All communication with your client must be made within the encrypted messaging feature. Special exceptions can be made by the Taxfyle Success Team.

Within a job, Tax Pros will have a messenger box dedicated to that engagement. Once the job is marked complete, you will no longer be able to communicate via the messenger tool and clients will be directed to contact the Taxfyle help desk should they require any follow up.

Best practice is to utilize the messaging tool to gather relevant data for your engagement. Tax Pros are responsible for answering their client’s questions and obtaining the information necessary to complete an accurate return.

Document Sharing

The Taxfyle platform allows clients and Tax Pros to share relevant documents that remain encrypted both in transit and at rest. All shared documents must be transmitted through the Taxfyle platform and there is no exception for document sharing outside of the provided methods. Taxfyle encryption safeguards all sensitive customer information from being intercepted by third parties with potentially malicious intent.

Naming your Document

It’s recommended that any document submitted to your client be clearly named. Any Document sent from a Tax Pro should include the client’s first and last name as well as a description defined in the title of the document.

Signing your Documents

Signed and executed documents should indicate said status to avoid confusion with earlier drafts.

Incorrect Uploads

It’s very important that Tax Pros double check what is being uploaded before submitting anything to the client. For those with multiple jobs open with Taxfyle, make sure you don’t confuse documents and accidentally share sensitive client information with the incorrect user. Documents uploaded in error can be deleted within the info section of the document panel.


After a job has been completed, both the Tax Pro and Client will be asked to rate each other. Ratings provided by both parties are private and are used by Taxfyle management to monitor individuals within the platform.

It’s important that your rating of the client be fair, as there may be implications for future jobs submitted by that client. In general, poor ratings are expected only for clients that are unreasonably rude and unpleasant throughout the engagement. Disorganization, lack of responsiveness and/or unreasonably excessive inquisitions may also be considered when rating the individual. Please note that clients will not have access to their own rating. Jobs with poorly rated clients may be reviewed by the Taxfyle Pro Success team.

Similarly, clients will be asked to rate their Tax Pro once the job is marked complete. Tax Pro reputations are tracked internally and will not be visible to the client. You will be able to see your current rating within the Pro Portal’s ‘Reputation’ dashboard. Please note that Tax Pros falling below the predetermined cumulative average rating (4 stars) after their first five jobs are subject to review by the Taxfyle Pro Success Team, and may have their access privileges revoked. The Taxfyle Success Team will assess the reasonableness of the ratings provided and at their discretion, may limit that Tax Pro’s access. If you have lost access rights because of a poor reputation, you may reach out to with a formal explanation of the matter and why you believe the client ratings were unjust.


Tax Pros engaged with Taxfyle are privy to a growing number of benefits that may be seen on the ‘Promotions’ dashboard of the Pro Portal. Details on several partnerships executed by Taxfyle are promoted and shared with our Tax Pro community as perks for working within our platform. Some of these benefits include discount offerings at select retail and dining establishments and others consist of merchant services that may be shared with your clients both inside and outside the platform.