Work Portal - Updated Platform

This page summarizes the updated features and functionality of the new Work Portal.

What is the Work Portal

We've released an updated version of the Pro Portal that we're calling, the Work Portal! This section will illustrate all the new features and accessibility on how to best navigate the Work Portal to set you up for success. We'll go through some detailed screenshots, video walkthroughs, and new updates that will help make your connection with clients on the platform even more seamless.

Homepage Layout

Work Portal Homepage

Navigating your Account

Work Portal Account Menu

Profile User Account

Manage User Account


Manage Payout Method

Notification Preferences

Manage System Notifications

Notification Sidebar

Switch Workspaces

Switch Between Applicable Workspaces


Manage Document Uploads


Create a Team


Job Ratings

You can view your ratings clients leave you on closed jobs. If you go to your Completed Jobs tab, select a closed job, then click on the View Ratings link under the job title to view your rating.

Updates to Opportunities & Active Jobs sections coming soon!