Accepting and Completing Opportunities

Individuals and businesses in need of tax preparation services will appear in the ‘Opportunities’ dashboard of the Work Portal. Potential customers simply need to download the app or access the web app to request services. Customers may request new engagements at any time. Each opportunity will list out job details, such as the type of engagement, deliverables required, amount the Tax Pro will be paid for the work, and anticipated deadline.
These opportunities will be visible to multiple Tax Pros on the platform, any of which are free to accept their preferred engagements on a first come, first serve basis. Once accepted by a Tax Pro, that opportunity will be removed from the ‘Opportunities’ dashboard and no longer available for other Tax Pros.
Accepted opportunities are immediately removed from the ‘Opportunities’ dashboard and transferred to your ‘Current Jobs’ section in the ‘Job Management’ dashboard of the Pro Portal. You will then have access to your client’s information and communication channels.
Upon completion of the engagement, you will only be able to view the job history for reference within the ‘Closed Jobs’ section and will no longer be able to share documents or communicate with the client. To ensure you’re picking up the volume of jobs you desire, it’s best practice to leave the Pro Portal open on your web browser while logged in.
At times, there may be an opportunity for which additional deliverables exceeding the original scope may be required. In these instances, please identify the additional requirements and contact the Taxfyle Pro Success team within the Help chat to determine if any updates or price modifications are necessary. Attempting to seek additional compensation from the customer without input from Taxfyle is a direct breach of the Taxfyle Terms and will result in a permanent and immediate revocation of access to the platform. At times the Taxfyle Success Team will ask you to provide your own quote to the client. Do not do so unless solicited by the Taxfyle Success Team.