Jobs Dashboard

Once the job has been picked up it will be transferred from the opportunities section to your unique job management page. Here, you can toggle between all your active and closed jobs.


The Taxfyle in-app chat feature allows clients to directly communicate with their Tax Pro. Once an opportunity is accepted, a connection is created to allow the Tax Pro and client to begin messaging the relevant details of the engagement. The messaging system is the primary tool for communication during the engagement. The client facing messenger tool is integrated into the app and Tax Pros will only be able to access the messenger from the Work Portal. All communication with your client must be made within the encrypted messaging feature. Special exceptions can be made by the Taxfyle Success Team.
At the start of a new engagement, an automated message will appear providing an introduction for both you and the client. You are then encouraged to introduce yourself. Something simple such as "Hey, I'm _____ a CPA/EA based out of (state of residence) and I'll be working on your taxes. When you're ready, please upload your documents including a photo ID and your prior-year tax return to get started." A simple ice breaker like this will go a long way in retaining your clients and ensuring a positive experience.
The checkmarks you will see next to a message indicates it has gone through and was delivered successfully to the client. In addition, Tax Pros are responsible for being ready to answer their client’s questions and obtaining information necessary to file the returns in a timely manner. On that note, the Support Team at Taxfyle monitors these chats for quality assurance (we typically expect Pros to be as responsive as possible with a 2 day grace period). Please be sure to remain cordial and respectful. Clicking the plus sign on the left side of the chat bar will let you to drop attachments right into the chat if you want to reference a specific document to your client.
(For the purposes of referencing screenshots, we used a sample B2C Client request)

Using Mark Down

The chat functionality of the message box supports markdown elements. Markdown is basically the use of syntax within a message feed to create different ways of managing/organizing your text. You can reference this link for a basic cheat sheet on different markdown examples:
For the simple markdown that's supported in the Portal’s message box, they are displayed in this table for Pro review. (Keep in mind that markdown is an optional feature available in chat and is not required to use by any means).
  1. 1.
    Basic Syntax
    1. 1.
      These are the elements outlined in John Gruber’s original design document. All Markdown applications support these elements.
Markdown Syntax
# H1
## H2
### H3
**bold text**
*italicized text*
> blockquote
Ordered List
1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item
Unordered List
- First item
- Second item
- Third item
Horizontal Rule
![alt text](image.jpg)

Notes Feature

Within our message box, we have added a Notes feature. This gives you the ability to write internal messages or take down notes within the conversation that your client cannot see. To access this, simply click on the notes icon that's within your message box on the far right side. Your message box will then switch to yellow, indicating that you are using Notes.
Using the Notes feature to jot down pertinent information that you may want to revisit in the future or to plot out your own internal process can save time for you in the long term. Leaving notes that admins can use to review later on will also help the team when helping you in the event that we need to look into a case due to unresponsive clients, state or federal notices, or potential hang-ups with confused clients.


Helping guide through the workflow of each engagement, on the right side of the screen, you will notice the Milestones section. Milestones indicate key actions that must take place in order to proceed accordingly with a job before it can be marked complete. Each project type has its own set of milestones (tailored to the requested service) that must be marked complete by either the Pro or the client in order to progress to the next steps of the engagement. The ability to close out a job will be unavailable until all milestones have been completed and checked off. If you have an engagement that is ready to close out but is pending client milestones, you can reach out to the client to mark them off or to Taxfyle Support.

Job Details

The Job Details section can be found next to Milestones. This section lets you view all the deliverables of the job you picked up for more context on the job specifications. All questions answered by the client during their questionnaire will be found here for ease of access.
Also embedded within the Details section is the “Events” tab. Clicking this tab shows a record of all actions from the Tax Pro, client, and/or Taxfyle administrators that have taken place during the course of the job.


Clicking the Collaborators tab lets you view the Client, Pro and any additional support members working on a project. If you have a team set up on the platform with your associates and want to add them for extra assistance, a plus icon will appear if the job was collected as a Team.

Documents Section

Another important feature of your job dashboard is the document sharing section. This section is strictly for sharing files with your customers in regards to the job at hand. All document uploads are encrypted and secure for both the Tax Pro and the client which is why we strongly enforce keeping all document sharing within the platform for data security. For any documents you upload within this section, you have the option to view and download. In addition, you will be able to view a full document’s detail section. Doing so will require you to click the tile that identifies the document. Here, you can manage the following:
  1. 1.
    The “Details” tab allows you to change the title, add a description, and associate Document Tags for organizational use. Within this section, you will also have the option to delete documents that might have been incorrectly uploaded to a project.
  2. 2.
    The “Versions” tab helps you manage different versions for a particular document.

Download All Feature

The documents section also harbors another feature at your disposal: the 'Download All Documents' button. It can be found right next to the "+" sign in the documents section and allows both Tax Pros and the client to conveniently download all currently uploaded files in a particular job as one condensed .zip file. On pressing the button, the file should start creating immediately, but it may take some time to create and download depending on your connection and the size of the file so avoid closing the page until it has finished downloading. Having all of a client's job-related documents, files, etc close at hand will prove invaluable for your own record keeping and will ensure that you receive all of a client's information. For example, making use of the download all button at the beginning of an engagement can prevent one from missing a vital document that may otherwise remain overlooked.

Download Conversation History

In a similar manner to the feature mentioned above, the 'Download Conversation History' button is a feature that can be utilized for conveniently creating records of the communication between Tax Pros and clients occurring via the job chat. This button can be found in the dropdown menu of the Actions button near the top of the screen. Using this button will generate a .pdf file that contains the Job Title as well as a timestamped log of every chat message in one easy to read record. This can come in handy when reviewing correspondence between you and your clients if something that was previously mentioned comes up again in conversation.

Closing Out A Job

Once a job has been finished and you've completed all your milestones, you'll be able to close it out. To do this, click on the "Actions" drop down on the top of your screen next to the job name and select “Complete Job”. Marking your job complete will prompt your rating screen to rate your client. The completed job will then be routed to the Completed Jobs tab of the Jobs Management section.
At the end of a project, all messaging and document-sharing abilities will be revoked. When closed out, past messages and documents will stay available to both the client and Pro. If a job needs to be reopened for whatever reason, Pros are advised to contact the Support Team via the Help Chat button. That way a job can be revisited and you can re-engage communication with the client if necessary. As always, before closing a job, please inform your client of essential information they might need for any post-filing situation. Concurrently, they can reach out to Taxfyle Support if they need their job reopened to speak with you about their filing.
On the off chance that an "Attempt to charge failed” error appears after closing a job, this means that the client’s card information was invalid or their card got declined. Do not worry though as you will still be paid out for that job a week in arrears from when it was closed. These issues (while rare) will immediately be flagged to our Finance team so we can follow up with those clients directly to collect on their remaining balance.